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Best Android TV Launchers for your TV Box for 2021

There are many smart TVs out there, and Android TV boxes can keep you from having the same boring look like everyone else. The best way to stand out from the pack is to customize your TV like you do your Android phone, with an Android TV Launcher.

Android Phone Launchers

If you want to understand why you need an Android TV launcher, you first have to understand what a launcher is and what it can do for you. Your launcher is not going to make your phone run faster. It is not going to give it a more power AI. What it is going to do is help you personalize your phone. I am not talking about the basics that you can do with a downloaded theme or changing the background and fonts. I am talking about a full-blown makeover.

When you use a phone launcher, when you press the home button to go back to your main screen, you will have an entirely new experience. With a phone launcher, you can have some more functionality.

It can replace your original dialer with something that suits you more. Some of this functionality can give your phone new and improved abilities on top of a new design.

A great thing about phone launchers is that you can install them very quickly from the Play store and if you do not like the look or feel, you can uninstall it just as easily.

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